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Use the Country Delight Referral Code 'MILKRANFQ3'.

Avail FREE Trial Membership on Signup!

Click the RED Button below to use the code by ReferralHype.

Country delight referral code



We already shared with you the most rewarding Country Delight Referral code. Use the Code “MILKRANFQ3” and get a Free Trial Membership now! You can also earn up to Rs 100 Referral Earnings for each referral. We have also covered all your queries related to Country Delight in this all-inclusive article.

Country Delight Referral Code 2024: MILKRANFQ3


About the Company

Country Delight is a service that delivers fresh milk and groceries to your home. It started in 2013 in Gurugram by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal. It gets milk and other products directly from farmers and tests them for quality and safety. It also offers bread, eggs, paneer, curd, and more. Country Delight’s unique selling point is its freshness and purity, as it guarantees 100% natural and unadulterated products. Country Delight is one of the leading online milk and grocery delivery services in India, serving customers in 18 cities.

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Country Delight Refer and Earn Program Details
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Which cities does Country Delight deliver in?

Country Delight serves 18+ cities in India. Cities include:

Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh Tri-city, Kolkata, Lucknow, Surat, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Mysore, Nashik, Guntur, Vijayawada, and Warangal.

Country Delight Delivery Charges:

Country Delight does not charge any delivery charges on daily subscriptions. For alternate day delivery delivery charges are 5Rs and for weekly delivery is charged 10Rs. For instant delivery, no delivery charges are applied on orders over Rs 299.

Country Delight Milk Testing Kit

Country Delight provides a milk testing kit for free for quality assurance. You can easily take the test at home. There are four chambers in the kit. The first one tests freshness, the second tests if urea is mixed, the third chamber tests for starch, and the last checks for soap and detergent. Put the strips in the chamber and check for color change. For the color change, the lesser the quality and freshness.

Country Delight Products

Country Delight widely serves three categories of products, Milk, Bread, and Eggs. Other special items are Coconut water, Taaza Paneer, Ghee, Low-fat Dahi, and Ghar jaisa Dahi.

Milk: A2 Milk, Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, Low Fat Milk.

Bread: White Bread, Brown Bread, Multigrain Bread.

Eggs: White Eggs, Protein White Eggs, Brown Eggs.


Country Delight Milk Price List
  1. A2 Cow Milk (1 Litre) > Rs 121
  2. Buffalo Milk (450ml) > Rs 53
  3. Cow Milk (450ml) > Rs 45.5
  4. Low Fat Cow Milk (450ml) > Rs 42.5


Country Delight A2 Cow Milk

Country Delight claims A2 cow milk to be Pure, Chemical-free milk sourced from Gir and Sahiwal Cows. It comes in a gable top packaging which makes it convenient. A2 cow milk is extremely high in nutrition.

Country Delight Ghee Review

The aroma of this ghee talks about its purity. It’s made exclusively from preservatives-free milk, ensuring an authentic experience. The grainy, danedaar texture sets it apart from other ghee varieties free from additives. The container is nice and sturdy. We highly recommend the country delight ghee.

Country Delight Coconut Water

Sourced from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, it offers approximately 300ml of fresh, naturally sweet water. Hassle-free to open, this coconut water is ready to quench your thirst. Each coconut contains a minimum of 270ml of water, ensuring a fair experience always. You can enjoy the goodness of coconut water at your doorstep!


Country Delight Review

Country Delight has successfully organized the morning milk delivery service in India. It has efficient logistics that ensures an on-time daily delivery without any issues. Free and timely deliveries make it more attractive and convenient.

Country Delight Milk Review

The specialty of Country Delight milk lies in its freshness and direct sourcing from local farms. They deliver quality-tested, adulteration-free cow and buffalo milk, yogurt, eggs, and other essentials to your doorstep by 7 AM everyday. Cow milk is generally considered good for children, including babies. Country Delight provides the assurance of pure milk and good quality. The milk quality is acceptable and other products do well in quality too.

Prices of Milk are comparatively higher than the competitors. Most users agree to pay the premium for its product quality assurance, over others. 

Overall, if you can afford to pay the premium, almost double the market price for milk, you can shift to Country Delight for an effortless experience. Loyal customers can buy the membership to avail of more savings.

Country Delight VIP Membership

Country Delight Membership is only going to help you save some extra bucks if you order a lot. For example, if you get daily milk or frequently buy fruits from country delight. The sole purpose of the membership is to save extra. If you are not a frequent user, you might not want to invest in the membership.


Country Delight Coupon and Promo Codes
  • Use Code ‘WELCOME150’ valid for New users to Grab FLAT 100 Cashback on your first order!
  • Use Code ‘MBKCD’ to get up to 5% Cashback On Payment Via MobiKwik Wallet.

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How do I Stop Country Delight Milk?

To Pause or Stop your Country Delight milk delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Modify Your Order: You can adjust your order until midnight for the next day’s early morning delivery of fresh cow and buffalo milk.
  2. Vacation Mode: If you need a temporary break, use the vacation mode feature to skip deliveries during your absence.
  3. Contact Customer Support: For any specific requests or assistance, reach out to Country Delight’s customer support.


Country Delight Alternatives

Some alternative apps to Country Delight are Milkbasket, Supr Daily, and Desifarms.

Alternative apps to Country Delight
Country Delight Milk Reviews
Excellent app for last minute orders. I use this app for more than 2 years. I find it convenient when both the husband and wife are in job and can not go for shopping on week day. I add things to my cart 11 o'clock. There is no delivery fee, which is good benefit of country delight app.
Manik Vora
Playstore (Feb 14, 2024)
Disappointed with the subscription. The instant delivery option is gone most of the time and there is no extension of subscription too. While this only works okay for Milk Delivery, just fails the purpose of paying extra for subscription.
Ravichandar S.
Playstore (Feb 25, 2024)

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Country Delight FAQ Section
What is the Country Delight Customer Care number?

You can contact Country Delight via the app help section

You may also call at +91 9650578884

Alternatively, Email your query at

What is Country Delight Milk price for 500ml?

Country delight does not offer half litre (500ml) pack. Country delight milk is available in 450ml pack is priced at Rs45.5 for ordinary customers.

What is Country Delight milk price for 1 litre?

Country Delight offers 1 Litre milk carton only for A2 Gir Cow Milk. The one litre carton is priced at Rs121 for ordinary customers.

What is the price for 500ml Country Delight Buffalo Milk?

Country Delight does not offer 500 ml (half litre) pack in Buffalo Milk. 450ml Buffalo Milk is available at Rs53.

What is the price for Country Delight coconut milk?

Country Delight serves refreshing 300ml (1 piece) Coconut water at Rs78.

What is the Country Delight Referral code today?

Use the Country Delight Referral Code MILKRANFQ3 to get FREE MEMBERSHIP. You can also earn Rs 100 per referral you onboard on Country Delight.

What is the Country Delight franchise cost

Country delight does not use a franchise model to deliver its products. The company has its own logistics to deliver fresh products from farms to home.

What is the Country Delight share price?

Country Delight is owned by Beejapuri Dairy Private Ltd. which is not a public company. Country delight is not a listed company and shares cannot be bought in markets.

Is Country Delight Milk A1 or A2?

Country Delight offers both A1 and A2 milk products in option. You can either buy normal cow or buffalo milk, or buy A2 Cow Milk as needed.

Can we drink Country Delight Milk directly without boiling?

If the milk is pasteurized, then it is safe to drink without boiling.