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Use the Swiggy Referral Code '5E24ED3'.

Avail FLAT Rs 90 Off and FREE DELIVERY on your first order!

Click the RED Button below to use the code by ReferralHype.

Use the Swiggy Referral Code '5E24ED3'.

Avail FLAT Rs 90 Off and FREE DELIVERY on your first order!

Click the RED Button below to use the code by ReferralHype.

Swiggy referral code



Were you searching for a Swiggy referral code? Well, we have got the most rewarding code for you. Use the code 5E24ED3 to get FREE DELIVERY and FLAT Rs 90 off on your first order at swiggy! 

Swiggy Referral Code 2024: 5E24ED3


About the Company

Swiggy is India’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform. It connects customers with thousands of restaurants across the country. Swiggy was founded in 2014 by Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini. Swiggy uses its fleet of delivery partners to ensure fast and reliable service. Swiggy also offers grocery delivery, package delivery, and cloud kitchens. Swiggy One is its loyalty program that gives free delivery, no surge fee, and exclusive offers to its members.

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Swiggy Refer and Earn Program Details
Store Name Sign-up Bonus Referral Bonus Eligibility Validity
FLAT Rs 90 Off
FLAT Rs 50
First Order
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Swiggy Review

Our Team has tried Swiggy for over a year with and without the One Membership. We placed orders worth over 20,000 INR during this time! 

Swiggy is an all-inclusive app. You can order food, and groceries or send a file from home to the office with Genie. This makes Swiggy helpful almost daily. Swiggy has a smooth interface with almost no glitches ever. This makes grocery shopping or food ordering convenient. Chat support is quick and helpful, but may not always provide compensation as expected.

Food Delivery:
The Food delivery is decent, on time, and with live tracking. Delivery rates are just about fine without a membership. Food Delivery is open 24/7 which is a plus-point with great offers on the go.

The interface is the coolest amongst its rivals, very easy to choose and shop. Timings are 6 am to 3 am which is great. Surges and Rain fees are a bit frustrating but solved with membership.

Swiggy Genie:
Swiggy Genie is a very convenient solution. The prices and fair and deliveries are fast. Public Reviews for this service are positive too!

Swiggy Dineout:
Dineout has fairly good offers but there are not many restaurants available. This service isn’t very helpful unless they onboard more restaurants.

Swiggy Minis:
We found Swiggy Minis too costly. Random sellers with low discounts and product information. Not very attractive at this point.


Swiggy One Membership Review

We used the Swiggy One Membership for 12 months. One membership is completely worth it. We paid Rs 999 for a year along with taxes for the membership. It is value for money if you use Swiggy to order groceries and food frequently.
One membership would erase not only your delivery charges but also waive surges, rain charges, late-night charges, etc. They also claim to offer priority assistance and help to one-members. 
The minimum order value for a member on Instamart should have been Rs 99-149 but is currently Rs 199 which is high. Also, the platform fees should have been erased for members.

Overall, Swiggy is a very recommendable platform. Sometimes the prices on Swiggy (with delivery) are even lower than physically visiting the restaurant. 

There are some areas where Swiggy could improve:
The (Rs 2) Platform fees introduced, give a stingy picture for the brand. Packaging charges are illegal but are promoted by Swiggy by providing such an option to the restaurants. On raising any query about packaging, charges, quality, etc. Swiggy pushes its responsibility over to the restaurants which is frustrating.

If you can compromise these negatives, you can go Swiggy!


Swiggy Alternatives

Swiggy has the biggest rival, ‘Zomato’ in India. Other major players are Eatclub, Eatsure, and Thrive. 

Alternative food delivery apps to swiggy
Swiggy FAQ Section
What is the Swiggy Referral code today?

Use the Swiggy Referral Code 5E24ED3 to get FLAT Rs 90 off and Free Delivery on your first order. You can also earn Rs 50 per referral you get on Swiggy.

Why is Swiggy charging platform fees?

The company claims that “This fee helps us operate and improve our platform”. Though most people feel this nominal fees are unnecessary and penurious from a giant brand.

Which countries does Swiggy serve?

Swiggy is Available only in India. It covers 550+ cities within India competing its largest rival, Zomato.

Are Swiggy prices better than Zomato?

Usually observed, Swiggy final prices come out lower to Zomato. But it depends restaurant-to-restaurant and must be checked individually.

How much Commision does Swiggy charge to restaurants?

Swiggy charges about 18%-28% commision depending on the value of restaurant. Usually, Newer restaurants are charged higher and established brands are given rebates and waivers.

Packaging charges mentioned on Swiggy are termed as an ‘Unfair trade practice‘ by courts. Even if Swiggy pushes the blame to restaurants, they are the one who allow including such charges in the bill on the first place.

How to get Free delivery in Swiggy?

Swiggy claims to transfer entire delivery charge to their delivery partners. Hence these charges are unavoidable. Although, If you buy the ‘One membership’ you get unlimited free deliveries for the period you hold it.

Does Swiggy deliver Cigarettes?

No, you cannot order Cigarettes or tobacco products from any hyperlocal delivery apps, since it is restricted by Google Play Store.